How to Make Popcorn Healthy

Preparing popcorn to be healthy will allow us to enjoy those moments of sofa, movie and blanket with a star guest, some incredible homemade popcorn. Take note of this healthy recipe, it is highly addictive.

Making popcorn is one of the greatest pleasures of those nights in front of the television in the company of a good series or movie. It seems that no home cinema session will be complete without this main ingredient. Popcorn is a controversial snack. On the one hand, those that we eat already prepared that are made in the microwave, have a series of substances that can be harmful to our body. On the other hand, the fact of including a natural homemade product made from corn is an ideal way to incorporate a little more fiber in our diet. If you want to take care of yourself and re-cook that healthy popcorn like the old one, take note of this recipe.


70 gr of raw corn kernels
2 tablespoons olive or sunflower oil
Salt or sugar

How to Make Popcorn Healthy

  1. This homemade popcorn recipe is very easy to prepare, we have become too used to the convenience of the microwave without taking into account the dangers that it entails due to the use of unhealthy materials, going back to the beginnings of cooking in a pan this delight is a real pleasure .
    We prepare a frying pan and place the oil in the bottom, it must be well covered in order to get the popcorn to form. We can use the type of oil that we like the most, from olive or sunflower, taking into account that olive oil is usually a little more intense.
    We heat the pan until the oil reaches a suitable temperature. The best thing is to put it to a slow game, it should be very hot.
    At that time we add the corn kernels, they must be well distributed so that they can be done at the same time. If they crowd together we can have some that stay whole and don't turn into delicious popcorn.
    We cover the pan, leaving a small hole so that the steam can come out and begin to cook with the internal heat of this tool.
    As soon as the popcorn begins to appear, we will lower the temperature and let it cook with the heat that the pan has achieved.
    The sound of popcorn being created is heavenly music, the moment they stop listening, we stop the fire.

Las destapamos y servimos. Podemos darles un toque salado añadiendo este ingrediente o un poco de azúcar. El resultado de esta receta es adictivo, no podremos dejar de comerlas.